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2020 Seriously Smart Success Event


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Earn 15 CEU's while social distancing!

Get ready for a deep dive the biofeedback software for:

  • Introduction and Business Building
  • Refresher Course
  • Stress and Immune System Health
  • Stress and Homeopathy Panel 101
  • Stress and Weight Release
  • Stress and Neuropathy

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We are excited to bring you the 2020 online training experience from Seriously Smart Technologies. We are going deep into the biofeedback panels as we share 4 big topics plus a refresher course. As always, we will share new tricks and tips for being the best biofeedback practitioner for yourself, your family and your community.

We are happy to bring new insights into using the biofeedback software!

The deep-dive topics are:

  • Refresher Course
  • Stress and Immune System Health
  • Stress and Neuropathy
  • Stress and Weight Release
  • Stress and Homeopathy Panel 101

SST Training events focus on the underlying reason for the lack of wellness in a client’s life rather than focusing on the symptoms. 

Renew your passion for biofeedback and earn 15 CEU's while social distancing.

Access online training videos and downloadable/printable handouts in the Member Portal.
Watch the recordings and then submit your questions to fernando@sstoffice.com.
Fernando will answer your questions directly. PLUS a video recording compiling all the questions submitted by May 31st will be released June 30th along with any additional training.


Since the live events have been canceled there are no tech services available. 


Due to the Coronavirus shutdowns, our live events in the 6 cities have been canceled. 

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QUESTION: How do I watch the event recording?

ANSWER: Login to the Member Portal at https://sstoffice.worketc.com/ and click on the Light Bulb icon on the left to navigate to the recording area.

QUESTION: When will the recording be available?

ANSWER: Recordings will be available in the Member Portal starting April 10th. After watching the recording you can submit your questions to fernando@sstoffice.com. He will respond to your question directly and then also compile the questions to be answered in the 2nd recording. The 2nd recording will be available on June 30th and will include answers to all questions submitted.

QUESTION: What pre-requisite training should I have to benefit from this event?

ANSWER: We recommend you watch the Seriously Smart Session which is available as a separate purchase if you do not own it already.

QUESTION: Is this event for beginners or advanced?

ANSWER: Both! Fernando works hard to make his content fresh and exciting for seasoned biofeedback practitioners and still accessible for the beginner.

QUESTION: What is the cost?

ANSWER: The registration fee is $399.

QUESTION: What are the topics being discussed?

ANSWER: There are 3 main topics this year: 

  • Stress and Immune System Health
  • Stress and Neuropathy

  • Stress and Weight Reduction

  • Stress and Homeopathy Panel 101

PLUS the Refresher Course.

PLUS additional training to share as time allows.

QUESTION: I only work on my family. Will this event benefit me?

ANSWER: Absolutely! The information that is taught is beneficial for all people using the biofeedback system.

QUESTION: I'm not certified so I don't need CEU's. Why would I want to attend?

ANSWER: We'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks on how to be more effective with the biofeedback system so that will definitely be of benefit to you even if you don't want the CEU's.

QUESTION: Is my registration fee refundable?

ANSWER: Registration fees are non-refundable.

QUESTION: How will I get tech services?

ANSWER: There are no tech services available for this event.

QUESTION: What version of the software will you be teaching from?

ANSWER: The current Clasp64 Mandelay software. However, Fernando does keep in mind the other versions of software and will show screenshots of the other software where there are differences he wants to bring to your attention.

QUESTION: I own an INDIGO, will I still benefit from this event?

ANSWER: Absolutely! Anyone with SCIO, Eductor, Educator, QUEST9, and INDIGO devices will benefit from this training and be able to follow along. The software that runs all these devices is all very similar and we do point out any differences and share screenshots of other software versions for other devices where appropriate. This is an all device inclusive event.

QUESTION: Can I get the recording on USB flashdrive?

ANSWER: Yes. The cost for the upgrade to USB flashdrive for the recordings is $100. This is a great option for those that do not have great internet connectivity.

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“This years Event was the best one EVER!  Thank you, thank you one and all!”

The tour was very beneficial, I learned some very valuable tools that I will now make a part of my Biofeedback sessions. It’s a real comfort knowing that this quality of support is available to us as practitioners.”

"Thanks for the great support at the Austin SST Tour.  I thoroughly enjoyed this special event and connecting with the SST Biofeedback community. It was especially nice meeting Ibolya from Mandalay."

“Hi Ron, just wanted to let you know the training was awesome, both of you, and thank you so much for my computer...it's working!"

Even though I have been disconnected for so many years from biofeedback training, I was still amazed and enlightened by the SST Event. Fernando did an excellent job teaching and answering questions!  I highly recommend people attend these training events you will not be disappointed!”

“I ran my first new session yesterday.  OMG, Love love love this new software. It loads up so much faster.  The short sarcode took less than 5 minutes to complete. I know you worked on a lot of computers but I was the one having issues with programs completing and then starting again on their own and not wanting to close.  It was taking 10 to 15 minutes sometimes to complete the short sarcode because it was so slow. I'm really excited about this new software. Thank you for all you do!”

Thank you! I had a great time and learned a lot. I appreciate your help upgrading my software.”

“Hi Ron, just wanted to let you know the training was awesome both of you and thank you so much for my computer it's working”

Thank you so much for all your help with the software and my computer.  I really appreciate it! You went above and beyond to help me. I look forward to being able to use the Mandelay software.  You guys are the best!!”

“Thanks for coming to TEXAS...Even if it wasn’t to Houston. Love y’ all always!”

“Mandelay (Software) working great on my Asus.  Love it! Thanks, Ron...you guys Rock!

“Glad to work with honest, reputable folks.”

“Ron and Fernando: They are excellent!”

“SST makes it awesome to be a biofeedback person!”

“SST is terrific, keep up the good work!”

“SST is genuinely devoted to improving the industry and training the practitioner.”

“My enthusiasm for the biofeedback work has increased, I’m looking forward to doing more!”

“I’m thankful for all Ron does testing our devices and answering all our questions.”

“It’s a top company in the field, with great support!”

“Just keep up the good work! I know we all appreciate what you’ve done!”

“Awesome company, always there to help in such a nice way.”

“Excellent support, training and not too expensive.”

“Mandalay is a dedicated company, here to stay. They are certain to bring us more!”

“SST has integrity, great computers and supports us!”

“We’d be lost without you!”

“A very willing and caring team.”

“Take this workshop, it’s so valuable!”

“Thank God for them, we know our devices are working correctly!”

“I love to come to events! They are a great support and always have new ways to use the system. Go to training!”

“Ron is terrific with computers, knowledgeable, and helpful explaining computer stuff to a complete dummy! Worth the time and money for all. SST is a great company, always there for me if I need support or help. Keep doing what you do!”

“Grateful for their support and service!”

“They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Keep being you, you are all wonderful!”

“So grateful for the support, knowledge, and services provided.”

“I was reminded of how precious it is to be in a position to keep learning new & refined ways to help. SST’s care for the people they support is seriously genuine!”

“I feel more confident in running new programs on people. You need to get to an SST event, you learn so much! We receive so much support from SST and they truly care about you being confident in doing biofeedback.”

“I can master this program! I want to grow up and be like Fernando on my SCIO! Ron is so considerate and very personable. SST is extremely dedicated and ethical. “

“Fernando’s workshop was off the chain! So much stuff! They're awesome!”

“Loved the training, very helpful and needed. Ron was very helpful and informative about computers and software. Great training!”

“Very helpful in accommodating our needs, questions, and support!”  

“I learned I can accomplish great things! Listen to everything Fernando says, Great company!”

“SST is great and reliable!”

“It’s very educational!”

“Don’t miss this event and buy your computer through SST!”

“Ron’s evaluation was awesome! Attend the SST webinars and tours to keep up with the advances in biofeedback technology. They are honest and ethical to work with, you can trust them!”

“SST is very trustworthy, patient and generous.”

“Ron does so much to optimize our computers! The relationship between SST and Mandalay is great and positive! SST provides very detailed information that gives direction and clarity for optimal success!”

“SST is dedicated!”

“Come to the next SST seminar, and buy a Quest9! Thank you, and keep the momentum going! I am so grateful you are here!”

“Iboya is awesome! I learned so so much from Fernando! SST is totally awesome!”

“Ron is cooler than I ever knew! Iboya is so wonderful, I love her. Fernando is a wealth of information and a gracious presenter. SST is an invaluable resource!”

“SST is so available and helpful!” 

“Mandalay is very supportive and is on board with their commitment to us! Thank you!”

“Attend the events as often as possible! Thanks for the care!”

“Fernando’s info renewed my passion! Come to training, so many changes. SST is always prepared for anything!”

“I appreciate all Ron's care of all our equipment! I appreciate Fernando for all his work, energy, and generosity! The info is priceless! So grateful for SST’s customer service!”

“Ron works so hard! Fernando has so much generosity and enthusiasm!

“Go to a LIVE training! I appreciate your integrity! Bring Iboya again! I am always amazed by what you learn, know and can teach us!”

“Great information and staff! Love SST’s energy! It’s a wonderful experience!”

“Stay involved in the classes and training! SST is professional and prepared!

“It’s amazing how Ron can work on so many devices! Fernando is awesome at supporting the weak links in the room while teaching the more experienced. SST is super caring and loving. They provide a very safe environment.”

“I love SST and always feel supported by them!

“Mandalay is all about integrity. Everyone at SST is awesome!”

“SST is sooo professional!

“SST has the best training in the business! These guys know their stuff!

“If you can’t get to a seminar attend the online event! Wonderful support for the practitioners!

“Great ethical company.”

“Go to training where you can be with other biofeedback people! SST is an awesome group! I feel supported and they want you to succeed!”

“SST: Absolutely the best! Take care, we all need you to keep up the good work!”

“Ron and Fernando, you both work too hard!”

“SST is generous, seriously generous! Come to events!”

“Keep teaching because we need your advice!”

“SST: the best support always, never stop!

“SST is amazing! We have support from a great community!”

“What a great company Mandalay is! SST has awesome customer service and training!”

“SST is consistent in their training,super knowledgeable and always current!”

“SST is very informative and supportive!”

“Mandalay is a very supportive company to work with. All of it was so good! Every so often I want to give up and then we have these classes and my love for biofeedback returns! SST gives awesome, reliable and kind support!”

“SST is a great resource!”

“SST is very knowledgeable, dedicated and honest.”

“SST is a fantastic company!”

“Go to the SST tour workshops! Thank goodness SST is in business and does such excellent work!”

“SST is thorough and professional.”

“You guys rock!”

“I learned so much from Fernando!

“Learn about secret panels! SST is awesome, I loved it!”

“Learn things more in-depth with great support from SST! It is a great company to work with!

“Sign up for these classes, totally worth it! You guys are awesome!”

“SST is awesome!” 

“Go to an SST event, so worth it! I enjoy sharing and connecting with other practitioners. SST has honesty and integrity. They know the practitioners and care about us.”

“SST is the only reliable, credible voice in the industry that's visible to me. If they say it’s ok I believe it (anything)!”



Homeopathy 101 was great!

Thank you!!!!!
I really enjoyed this Seminar format. I really got frustrated with so many interruptions in previous recorded tours. I have attended several of your tours and been doing biofeedback since 2007. Many of the questions were not relevant to me. I like getting the facts and moving on.
Thank you again for all the effort and time you put into this tour....

The Homeopathy 101 was great. Appreciated the refresher and new insights. Most of the time I can keep up with you, but still grateful for stop and replay. However, when I am in a new area, I realize that you do talk and move fast through the panels. For the most part I do appreciate your pace.

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    2020 Seriously Smart Success Event

    2020 Seriously Smart Success Event

    Earn 15 CEU's while social distancing!

    Get ready for a deep dive the biofeedback software for:

    • Introduction and Business Building
    • Refresher Course
    • Stress and Immune System Health
    • Stress and Homeopathy Panel 101
    • Stress and Weight Release
    • Stress and Neuropathy

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