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The Piggyback Generator

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The Piggyback Generator makes using the add to Piggyback function within your Eductor, SCIO or INDIGO time efficient and practical. View a sample, click here.

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Multi-Packs are licensed for 1 user ONLY

Please note that the Clarity Report, Piggyback Generator, and Category Report software programs from Quantum Clarity Software are compatible with all versions of the Mandelay Clasp64 biofeedback software for SCIO, QUEST9, and Eductor. All other devices and software versions are not compatible.

Refund Policy:
Software purchases may be refunded within 60 days of receipt of payment.

Piggyback Generator

Features and Benefits

  •   Automatically creates a list of all go to numbers
  •   Creates tailored customized piggyback lists in seconds
  •   Automatically isolates ``hyper`` Reactivity Values over 100
  •   Organizes and structures piggyback go to numbers into an easy to use template
  •   Saves over 30 minutes of searching in one click of the mouse
  •   Enables real time piggyback reactivity test results
  •   Allows time efficient session layering for maximum results
  •   Custom creates and organizes reactivity lists
  •   Enables faster assessment of the specific root stressors of your clients
  •   Supports therapeutic direction
  •   Promotes faster more profound results in therapy

The Piggyback Generator is a software tool that will enable you to accomplish vastly more therapy in less time.  After running the test, minimize to the desktop and double click the Piggyback Generator icon.  It then runs over 60 automated sub-searches from the Matrix and composes a "go to" piggyback list that can then be copied and pasted into all the Add to Piggyback areas within the program.  The Piggyback Generator also reveals a spreadsheet with what it has chosen so you can better understand the client and what they are reacting to.  It would easily take hours to search out what it can do in seconds and enables you to use real time codes that are client specific for layering your session.  No more generic codes.  Clients get what they need, when they need it with this tool.

The Piggyback Generator is intended by the Manufacturer to be used as tool to support owner/operators in expediting the accumulation of pertinent information as it applies to their entrainment usage of their biofeedback device.  At no time should it be printed, emailed, represented or presented to a client.  To do so violates the Manufacturer’s intended use of the software.



Quantum Clarity wants to give you a hand and support the growth of your business now! We are now proud to offer our clients a fair and interest free finance option. Don't wait! Order your software today and allow your practice to be rejuvenated and thrive with these essential tools. To arrange for your purchase on the payment plan please call 989-321-2800 to place your order by phone.

Monthly Payment Amount:
To find your monthly payment take the full retail price for the total of all the software items you are purchasing and divide by 12.

Qualifying Software:
Single Software
Combo Packs
Tri-Vector Package

Multi-Pack Option:
Both the 1 computer and 3 computer options can be financed. Note the option for 3 computers is an additional fee. If the 3 computer option is chosen the 3 computers must all be owned and used by 1 single user.

Terms of Agreement:
*Full retail price only. Finance purchases do not qualify for any discounts or promotional sale prices. No vouchers, no store credit, and no loyalty reward vouchers may be used.
*Your credit card is kept on file by Quantum Clarity and billed on the 18th of each month.

Finance Refund Policy: 
Finance orders are fully active upon receipt of the first monthly payment. They may be cancelled and refunded up to 60 days following the first monthly payment. Proceeding 60 days of the first monthly payment, finance orders may be put on hold.


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The Piggyback Generator

The Piggyback Generator

The Piggyback Generator makes using the add to Piggyback function within your Eductor, SCIO or INDIGO time efficient and practical. View a sample, click here.