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Device Packages ship in 4-6 weeks from date of payment.

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Special note for our friends outside the United States: Official registrations are currently in the United States which means we can only ship to addresses within the United States. If you live outside the U.S. you can place an order, but you must be able to travel to the U.S. to pick it up. We can ship to any pickup location you specify within the United States.

SCIO Device - Previously Owned – Beginners Package

  • SCIO Biofeedback Device - Previously Owned
  • 1-year Device Warranty (covers Device only)
  • SCIO Headband - NEW
  • SCIO Limb Straps - NEW
  • SCIO USB Cable – NEW
  • Proper Transfer of Ownership from the previous owner is included - We set up your new account with the manufacturer of this system


  • Clasp64 software will be pre-installed and activated so you can begin using it right away.

  • Proper Software Registration is included - We set up your new account for the Software License.

  • Software activation is included. (Mandelay does not charge for initial software activation, additional upgrades are optional and may have optional fees, there are also no expiration dates in the software).

Laptop Computer:

  • Included: New Entry Level 15.6" Quantum Computer Laptop will be provided. 

Technical Support


Insured Shipping:

  • Insured Shipping to USA Locations - International customers must provide a U.S. shipping address.

TRAINING NOTE: We highly recommend all users of the biofeedback system complete their training and attain the certification for Biofeedback Specialist. Biofeedback Devices are FDA Registered as a Prescription Use or Professional Use Device. Persons using the device are required to purchase based on their medical Prescription, or based on having the training to get certified as a Professional Biofeedback Technician or Specialist. Those purchasing a Biofeedback Device for Professional Use are required to have additional training. Biofeedback Professionals: See the Online Technician Training Package or Online Specialist Package. 


There are several things that we need to do once you have purchased this EPR Biofeedback System.   The entire process begins the day after your payment arrives.  The Computer needs to go into the production process. There is a transfer of ownership process that needs to be processed since this is a previously owned system.  The online account is set up for your training course and we actually encourage you to begin your online training before your shipment arrives.  You can usually begin within just a few days after your purchase.

Your ownership information will be registered properly with the device and software manufacturer.  Your account information will be provided to you upon shipment as you will need access to this account for future software upgrades.  We will also be available for your support during future upgrades.

We will ship your system in approximately 4-6 weeks from the time your payment processing has been completed and a tracking number will be provided on the day of shipment. The reason for the 4-6 week delivery schedule is so that we can accomplish the registrations, computer assembly, software install, and activation and make sure that everything is completed and fully tested before we ship it, so that all you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and go right to work.  We do all the complicated functions at our facility before you get your system, so you can focus on your training.

If you have any questions regarding any of these processes, please contact our office for a full explanation of the details.

We hope you enjoy your new EPR Biofeedback System!!

Photo Disclaimer: Photos displayed are stock photos we have taken of a previously owned device. They are not representative of the actual exact device you will receive when ordering this device. Slight variations and minor wear should be expected on a previously owned device. Nicks and scratches, and/or discoloration may be present to a greater or lesser degree than what is seen in these photos. We take care to thoroughly clean and test all previously owned devices. All previously owned devices are guaranteed to be in full working condition regardless of any surface flaws in the casing.

Please Note:
1. The need for device repair is rare, however, any repairs to the physical device will need to be sent back to the original device manufacturer. You can contact us for instructions if the need should arise and we will assist you.

2. The biofeedback software that runs the device is programmed by the manufacturer. They are solely responsible for all new programming and any fees associated with updating to new versions of the software.



Getting Results Already!

I think that I've seen some improvements since I started using the SCIO. One of the most unique things that I've noticed is that ever since it's been activated within my home there are far less of the negative sorts of paranormal activity that used to keep me awake all night (I live in a highly charged area of Arizona).

My husband accidentally cut part of the tip of his index finger off several weeks ago, and so I gave him a couple of SCIO sessions that week to help with healing. Body Viewer's unconscious selection showed scar tissue forming over the wound. This was compelling evidence for both of us of how the machine works. His finger has grown back, almost back to normal already!

The other thing that I'm happy about is that the last monthly cycle I had was almost pain-free without the use of any pain killers, because just prior to it I had done about 3 hours of work on myself to reduce pain, inflammation, and hormonal imbalance, and it actually worked. I think this was the first time in months I didn't need to take something to ease my pain. I didn't even get a migraine the way that I've had every month for years now. It was just a mild headache.

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    SCIO (USB) - Previously Owned

    SCIO (USB) - Previously Owned

    In Stock!


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