Mandelay QUEST 9 - with SCIO Trade-In Device

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Ships in 8-10 weeks. You may keep your device while you wait.

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Disclaimer: By submitting your order for this trade-in you acknowledge the following:

  • You are the rightful owner of the biofeedback device and have the legal right to trade-in the biofeedback device you are designating as part of this purchase.
  • You agree to surrender your trade-in device and ship it in, at your expense, to the designated address within 5 business days of the receipt of your new device.
  • You agree to provide your login username/email address and password to the website where the device is registered at either or

Special note for our friends outside the United States: Official registrations are currently in the United States which means we can only ship to addresses within the United States. If you live outside the U.S. you can place an order, but you must be able to travel to the U.S. to pick up. We can ship to any pickup location you specify within the United States.

Mandelay QUEST9 System - NEW!

  • Mandelay QUEST 9 Device
  • 2-year Device Warranty (covers Device only)
  • Mandelay QUEST 9 Headband
  • Mandelay QUEST 9 Limb Straps
  • Mandelay QUEST 9 USB Cable
  • Carrying Bag (Style and brand subject to change without notice.)
  • Internet Download Access To Current Clasp64 Version from Mandelay Ltd
  • Proper Software Registration is included - We set up your new account for the Software License.
  • Software activation is included.(Mandelay does not charge for initial software activation, additional upgrades are optional and may have optional fees, there are also no expiration dates in the software).

Laptop Computer:

  • Laptop is Not Included:  CLICK HERE FOR COMPUTER OPTIONS - Should your current laptop be in need of replacement, we recommend that you browse our selection of laptop computers that are designed for use with the Eductor Software. These are Gaming Style High-Performance Laptops that are specifically customized and optimized for Biofeedback Use.  Clasp64 software will be preinstalled and activated so you can begin using it right away.

Technical Support:

  • Technical Support is Not Included:   CLICK HERE FOR SUPPORT OPTIONS - We do offer the optional SST Complete Support Service Subscription.
  • Remote Software installation is included for the first software installation when you receive delivery. 


  • Training is Not Included:  CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING OPTIONS
  • Personal Software Navigation Assistance appointment is included (not to exceed 1 hour). This is not a "Training" appointment however it is designed to get you familiar with the "New" features in the Clasp64 software that pertain to your biofeedback device.

Insured Shipping:

  • Shipping from the order fulfillment center in Michigan to your USA location.
  • Your trade-in device needs to be shipped back to Michigan USA at your expense.  Please provide SST with the tracking number of your shipment within 1 week of receiving your new Biofeedback Device.  Overnight shipping is not required.


This listing is for a Trade-in. 

If you have any questions regarding any of these processes, please contact our office for a full explanation of details.

We hope you enjoy your new EPR Biofeedback System!

Please Note:

The Mandelay QUEST 9 Biofeedback Device is now Imported into the USA by an FDA Registered Facility.  The Mandelay QUEST 9 Biofeedback Device is registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device.  Please follow all appropriate Manufacturers instructions and all Federal and State regulations for proper use of this Medical Device.

The need for device repair is rare, however, any repairs to the physical device will need to be sent back the original device manufacturer. Repairs may be done at the Foreign manufacturing facility or the authorized USA repair facility depending on the type of repair that is required.  You can contact us for instructions if the need should arise and we will assist you.

The biofeedback software that runs the device is programmed by the manufacturer. They are solely responsible for all new programming and any fees associated with updating to new versions of the software.

Mandelay QUEST 9 Software

The Clasp64 Software

Clasp64 is the operating software behind the Mandelay QUEST 9.   With every new version, the software is improved to offer our Biofeedback specialists the best means to help their clients manage their stress.

Some special Clasp64 applications include:

  • Meridian System Correction
  • Scalar Auto Program
  • Trivector Program
  • Muscular Re-Education for Athletes
  • Muscular Re-Education of Injured Muscles
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)
  • EMG, EEG, ECG, GSR Biofeedback Chart
  • Hyper-Reactant Reactivity Training

Additional Mandelay QUEST 9 Programs

The Body Viewer is a guided imagery biofeedback program that contains a large database of 3D videos and images of the human body, organ systems, acupuncture points and meridians, sacred geometry, chakras and much more. This visual 3D program is designed to enhance the Biofeedback experience.

The Disease Dictionary is an informational program designed to offer support to anyone interested in educating themselves, as it offers an extensive volume of information regarding a list of medical conditions, as well as the options of working with the client through methods applied in Chinese Oriental Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Behavioral Medicine, and Naturopathy.

The Iridology program offers the practitioner the chance to access all reports loaded from the main program without disturbing or interrupting the biofeedback session. It also contains a massive collection of data on the alternative medicine technique of Iridology.

Mandelay QUEST 9 the future is here

Mandelay QUEST 9 (Quantum Universal Energetic Systems’ Technology) is our latest development in Biofeedback.  Mandelay QUEST 9 is the newest device and uses the newest in electronic component technology. 

Mandelay QUEST 9 has a dedicated EEG circuit and a dedicated ECG chip, which is an impressive improvement over previous devices to increase effectiveness for your biofeedback sessions.

The Head and Limb Harnesses use medical connectors to meet European standards.  These connectors are the same type as the Eductor Biofeedback Device.  They are easy to use, and effective.

The Device is in a metal enclosure, and the entire top assembly can be used as a test plate.  Standard accessory components on the back of the device allow for easy use of accessories for input and output.  Accessories from previous devices are interchangeable with the Mandelay QUEST 9.

Important: Biofeedback Devices are not a substitute for medical treatment.  Please consult the training institution for appropriate terminology to be used for your professional licensing and/or certification. 

How does the Mandelay QUEST 9 work?

The Mandelay QUEST 9 works the same way as the SCIO or Eductor devices. The Mandelay QUEST 9 Device, and Software work together.  It first calibrates to the client to establish a baseline of reactivity response.  Then the software introduces a series of over 11,000 unique voltammetric signatures to the client and measures the body’s reactivity.  It then compares to the baseline and presents the results to the practitioner who can then educate the client of various biofeedback stress reduction techniques that may assist to bring the body’s reactivity to a balanced state.

Why should I choose Mandelay QUEST 9? 

We believe Biofeedback is the best technique you can use to control your body’s functions. When you are in control of your body, you can prevent many negative occurrences that affect your health.  We would like to refer you to a trusted source of information to read more on this subject.  For many years, the Mayo Clinic has used Biofeedback….please take a look at what the Mayo Clinic has to say about Biofeedback, then please return to our website and we can assist you with the purchase of your own Mandelay QUEST 9 Biofeedback System.

Mayo Clinic Biofeedback Overview – Click Here

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Wow, Wow, Wow!

I traded in my Indigo for the Quest 9 and all I can say is WOW!
I also purchased the Clasp Portal when it was on special and double WOW WOW!
It's very cool. So smooth with the downloads and use.


    Clasp64 Mandelay Software Is Much Faster!

    Just have to say again that I'm really enjoying how much faster these programs run in the new software!


      Absolute Amazement!

      To whom this may concern:
      Please relay my absolute amazement at this new system and the choices are extraordinary. I am in total awe!
      So glad I made the decision to trade in and get the quest 9. Please thank everyone involved and a special thanks to Fernando!!


        WOW! WOW! And WOW!

        I'm sorry this took me so long. However, now I can report on the use over time.

        When I received my Quest 9 all I could say was WOW! WOW! And WOW! The Quest 9 was packaged very well. The outside box was intact and inside was a beautiful white box. As I lifted the Quest 9 out of the box I was impressed with the overall feel and weight of the device. Immediately, I felt the energy of the device and myself connect.

        I started many years ago with the QXCI, SCIO, Indigo, and now the Quest 9. My results using the Quest 9 has been fabulous. I am a believer of 45 min to 1 hour sessions and I am able to accomplish more in that time frame than previously with the other devices.

        My clients are delighted because they feel the difference. The clients are experiencing bigger shifts and therefore they are moving forward on their journey to greater well being at a faster pace.

        Thank you Mandalay for your vision and SST for delivering to the practitioners the best device on the market.

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          Mandelay QUEST 9 - with SCIO Trade-In Device

          Mandelay QUEST 9 - with SCIO Trade-In Device

          Estimated delivery of 8-10 weeks from payment date. You may keep your device while you wait.

          Device Info Required: Fill out the field at the very bottom of this page and click on "save" BEFORE adding to the shopping cart.

          Not available for other devices. Email for special consideration.



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