2019 Seriously Smart Success

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Bringing new insights in using the biofeedback software for:

  • Stress and Autoimmune Disorders with Co-Infections
  • Stress and Pain Management
  • Stress and Skin Rejuvenation
  • Stress and Animal Health

FREE Computer Maintenance, Device and Harness testing!

FREE Registration to Emotions! The Architects of Dis-Ease a $99 value! Details below.

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Ron and Fernando have touched a lot of lives with the Seriously Smart Success Tours. This is our 6th year running!

Read more testimonials, and find out why YOU will LOVE attending the 2019 Seriously Smart Success event! Click Here

We are excited to bring you the next two-day training experience you have come to expect from Seriously Smart Technologies!

We are spring-boarding off the amazing 2017-2018 two-part tour and going deep into our biofeedback panels as we share four big topics. As always, we want to share new tricks and tips for being the best biofeedback practitioner for yourself, your family and your community.

The four topics that we are happy to bring new insights in using the biofeedback software for:

  • Stress and Autoimmune Disorders with Co-Infections
  • Stress and Pain Management
  • Stress and Skin Rejuvenation
  • Stress and Animal Health

Those that have attended an SST Training event in the past know that we prefer to find the foundational reason for the lack of wellness in a client’s life rather than focusing on the symptoms. This means we will bring a full two days of current biofeedback training to 9 cities in 2019. For those whose busy lives and families preclude them from attending one of the 9 live events, there will be two online webinars. One during the week and one on a weekend. This two-day event will be 15 CEU’s and will be in the Spring of 2019.

Each day will be 9 am to 6 pm with a 90-minute lunch break.

2019 Seriously Smart Success Tour Dates

June 1st-2nd Saginaw, MI - click here for venue info

June 7th-9th Weekend Online Webinar - click here for webinar attendance info

We also have more news for the 2019 tour!

#1 - We will have a Mandelay representative at each of the 9 live tour events.

#2 - Emotions! The Architects of Disease was recorded on April 14th at the Ft. Lauderdale event location and will be re-played one time only on June 7th via webinar. The recording of this special bonus event will NOT be available to watch later. Plan to attend live on June 7th via webinar. Only those who attend will receive the extra 5 CEU's. If you register for ANY of the 2019 events you will be automatically registered to attend the Emotions webinar on June 7th. No need or register separately.

Use this springtime of renewal to renew your passion for using your biofeedback equipment and join Ron and Fernando at one of these 11 Seriously Smart Success Training events.

Live Event Tech Services

CLICK HERE TO PRINT TECH SERVICES INTAKE FORM - Fill out this form and bring it with you on Day 1 of the event. Ron will be available to check-in your equipment by 8 AM.
All live events will have free tech services available. You are allowed to bring 1 Biofeedback System for free tech services.  (Biofeedback System is defined as 1 Laptop Computer, 1 SCIO, QUEST9, INDIGO or Eductor device, 1 Power Adapter, 1 USB Cable, 1 Head Harness, 1 Limb Harness  NOTE: Accessories are not included).  Please note that webinar events do not have Tech Services.
Available services for live events:
  • Computer Maintenance (Ron's Rules Top 4)
  • Biofeedback Software Updating if needed.
  • Biofeedback Device and Harness Testing
NOTE: Virus removal, Windows Error troubleshooting, hardware repairs, and other computer-related technical support should be addressed BEFORE this training event or the computer maintenance may not be able to be performed.  There will not be enough time to accomplish those services at these events and it is not being offered.  Please call SST if you have any questions. For updates to biofeedback software, please make sure you have your Mandelay or QX World Ltd. device account login and password with you. 


QUESTION: Will the events be recorded?

ANSWER: The 2 Day Seriously Smart Success event will be recorded and available to watch in the Member Portal as many times as you like. 

QUESTION: How do I watch the event recording?

ANSWER: Login to the Member Portal at https://sstoffice.worketc.com/ and click on the Light Bulb icon on the left to navigate to the recording area.

QUESTION: When will the recording be available?

ANSWER: The recording will be available by Friday, June 14th.

QUESTION: Why is the June webinar 3 days long?

ANSWER: This is a special event that includes a 3rd day as the one time replay of the Emotions! The Architects Of Dis-Ease presentation by Tinka Smith and Fernando Crespo-O'Neill.

QUESTION: Will The Emotions! The Architects Of Dis-Ease Event Be Recorded?

ANSWER: No. You must attend the presentation on June 7th. It will not be available as a recording in the Member Portal.

QUESTION: What pre-requisite training should I have to benefit from this event?

ANSWER: We recommend you watch the 2019 Refresher Course in the Member Portal which you will be given access to automatically at no extra cost once you register for the event. We also recommend you watch the Seriously Smart Session which is available as a separate purchase if you do not own it already.

QUESTION: Is this event for beginners or advanced?

ANSWER: Both! Fernando works hard to make his content fresh and exciting for seasoned biofeedback practitioners and still accessible for the beginner.

QUESTION: What is the cost?

ANSWER: The registration fee is $399.

QUESTION: What are the topics being discussed?

ANSWER: There are 4 main topics this year: 

Stress and Autoimmune Disorders with Co-Infections
Stress and Pain Management
Stress and Skin Rejuvenation
Stress and Animal Health

QUESTION: What is the daily schedule?

ANSWER: Training is 9 am to 6 pm each day
Lunch is 12 pm to 1:30 pm
Breaks every 90 minutes

QUESTION: What if I can only attend 1 day?

ANSWER: It's fine to attend only one day. You can watch the day you missed as a recording later. If you can let us know ahead of time that is appreciated.

QUESTION: If I only attend 1 day will I still get 15 CEU's?

ANSWER: Each day is 7.5 CEU's. So you will get 7.5 CEU's for that day you attended. You can get your additional 7.5 CEU's by watching the recording and submitting the CEU request form.

QUESTION: My spouse/partner is coming with me, can they sit in the room with me or do they have to register too?

ANSWER: If your spouse/partner is not a biofeedback practitioner and there is space available we only request that they become an SST Member and they will be allowed to sit with you. If you can let us know ahead of time that is appreciated. If your spouse/partner also uses the biofeedback system then they need to register separately for the full registration fee.

QUESTION: I only work on my family. Will this event benefit me?

ANSWER: Absolutely! The information that is taught is beneficial for all people using the system.

QUESTION: I'm not certified so I don't need CEU's. Why would I want to attend?

ANSWER: We'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks on how to be more effective with the biofeedback system so that will definitely be of benefit to you even if you don't want the CEU's.

QUESTION: What if I register and then I can't make it? Is my registration fee refundable?

ANSWER: Your registration is refundable up to the day before the event you are registered to attend. You also have the options of switching to a different location. Changing to a webinar event. Or keeping your registration and just watching the recording later.

QUESTION: Why aren't you coming to my city? The cities you picked are too far away for me to travel.

ANSWER: We do the best we can hitting all the corners of the country and selecting the larger cities that are near large airports so if you need to travel by plane it is convenient. We also have 2 webinar events scheduled so if you can't make it to a city you can attend from home.

QUESTION: If I attend an online webinar event how will I get tech services?

ANSWER: Tech services are not available for the webinar events.

QUESTION: What is included in the tech services, what should I bring with me and when do I drop off my stuff?

ANSWER: You can drop off your equipment beginning at 8 am on the first day of the event. Make sure you drop it off before the session starts on the first day of the event. You are allowed to bring 1 Biofeedback System for free tech services.  (Biofeedback System is defined as 1 Laptop Computer, 1 SCIO, QUEST9, INDIGO or Eductor device, 1 Power Adapter, 1 USB Cable, 1 Head Harness, 1 Limb Harness  NOTE: Accessories are not included). 

Available services for live events:
Computer Maintenance (Ron's Rules Top 4)
Biofeedback Software Updating if needed.
Biofeedback Device and Harness Testing

QUESTION: I see classes start at 9 am, what time should I arrive?

ANSWER: We open the room at 8 am and encourage you to arrive early so you have plenty of time to find your seat and check in your equipment on the first day. We start the session promptly at 9 am.

QUESTION: What about lunch? Is that included? Can I bring lunch with me or will I need to go out for lunch?

ANSWER: Lunch is not included. It is 12 pm - 1:30 pm. When there is a facility on hotel property to get lunch we usually get together an order in the morning so that lunch is ready when we break for those that want to take advantage of that. There are usually also places nearby you can go. Hotels often do not allow outside food to be brought onto the premises so if you choose to go off property or bring your own lunch the hotel staff may require you to eat that in your room and not in the event space.

QUESTION: Is the new updated version of Mandelay software able to be downloaded at the event? Will there be an extra charge for installation?

ANSWER: The current Mandelay Clasp64 will be available to be installed at the event and there is no charge for that.

QUESTION: What version of the software will you be teaching from?

ANSWER: The current Clasp64 Mandelay software. However, Fernando does keep in mind the other versions of software and will show screenshots of the other software where there are differences he wants to bring to your attention.

QUESTION: I own an INDIGO, will I still benefit from this event?

ANSWER: Absolutely! Anyone with SCIO, Eductor, Educator, QUEST9, and INDIGO devices will benefit from this training and be able to follow along. The software that runs all these devices is all very similar and we do point out any differences and share screenshots of other software versions for other devices where appropriate. This is an all device inclusive event.

QUESTION: My device is registered with QX World can I still attend and get a software update?

ANSWER: Absolutely! If your device is registered with QX World just be sure to login to your account ahead of time to confirm it is in "normal" status. Then bring your login and password with you to the event and a credit card or PayPal logins to pay the 100 Euro activation fee that QX World will charge you for their software activation.

QUESTION: My device is registered with QX World, but I want the new Mandelay software, can you install that for me at the event?

ANSWER: Yes we can! Just register your device at www.scio-eductor.com before the event. Bring your login and password with you. We'll install the software and activate it for you. Mandelay does not charge an activation fee for their software.

QUESTION: Will I be able to purchase a new harness or accessories at the event?

ANSWER: No. At the events we'll have harnesses, accessories, and other items on display so you can touch, see, and experience them. However, you will need to place your orders online or by phone either before or after the event. We cannot deliver orders to the event. The Saginaw, MI event is the one exception. You will be at our office for this event and you can shop our store and go home with your purchases after the Saginaw, MI event. If there is something you know you want, be sure to place your order a week or so before you arrive so we can set aside the stock required to fill your order.

QUESTION: Will I be able to trade-in my device for a new QUEST9 at the event?

ANSWER: We won't have new QUEST9 devices at the event to do the trade-in on the spot. However, we'll be able to answer your questions and get your trade-in started.

QUESTION: Can I get the recording on USB flashdrive?

ANSWER: Yes. The cost for the upgrade to USB flashdrive for the recordings is $100. This is a great option for those that do not have great internet connectivity.

QUESTION: Why is there a Mandelay representative at the tour events?

ANSWER: Mandelay is the Manufacturer of our device and the programmer for the Clasp64 software. They want to show their support for SST and all you wonderful biofeedback practitioners out there! It is great fun for them to get to you know you personally and you will love getting to know them too!


Extending Your Stay
You will note that many of the hotels limit the dates allowed to book online for the group rate. If you wish to extend your stay to arrive earlier or stay later than what online booking is allowing you to do you can book your stay online for the dates allowed. Then contact the hotel by phone directly. Provide them with your confirmation number and ask them to change your reservation dates manually. Some hotels may extend the group rate. Some may charge the group rate for some days and then the list rate for your extended days. It depends on the hotel.

Venue For Hartford CT - April 6 & 

Venue For Austin TX - April 23 & 2

Venue For Denver CO - April 26


Venue and Hotel For Saginaw MI - June 1 & 2

Venue and Hotel For Saginaw MI - June 1 & 2

Event Location: Seriously Smart Technologies Offices
Event Address: 5710A Dixie Hwy., Saginaw MI 48601
Hotel: Baymont Inn & Suites Bridgeport/Frankenmuth - Just 2 Miles from SST Office.
Hotel Address: 6460 Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport, MI, 48722
Hotel Website: click here
Booking Phone: 989-777-3000
Group Rate: 20% Off List Rates
Group Name/Code: Seriously Smart Group
Group Rate Expiry Date: May 17, 2019
Parking: Complimentary parking for all guests
Shuttle Service Info: No airport shuttle
Distance From Airport: 103 Miles (about 2 hours) from DTW Detroit Metropolitan Airport or 30 Miles (about 34 minutes) from MBS International Airport or FNT Flint Bishop International Airport.
Other Amenities: The Baymont Inn & Suites Bridgeport/Frankenmuth hotel is conveniently located off I-75 (about a 5-minute drive to the SST Offices), midway between Bridgeport and Frankenmuth, with easy access to Saginaw and local attractions. They offer amenities such as free breakfast, free high-speed internet, fitness center, and indoor pool.
Things To Do In The Area: Visit the Candlelight Bowling and Banquet Center. Head to Birch Run Prime Outlets, live hot rod action at Dixie Motor Speedway, or get a taste of local culture in Frankenmuth, home to Little Bavaria in Michigan — all less than 10 miles away. Pay a visit to nearby Saginaw, Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, or Wilderness Trails Zoo. See a concert at the Dow Event Center or ride your own dirt bike at Baja Acres Motocross Track.

WEBINAR ATTENDANCE INFO - May 23th-24th Weekday Online Webinar & June 7th-9th Weekend Online Webinar


June 7th-9th Weekend Online Webinar

Since our webinars are for Members only we have to manually assign a webinar attendance link to each individual. This takes some time, but you can expect to receive your official webinar login link shortly. Don't worry, we'll be sure you have your link well before the webinar starts.

Past Seriously Smart Success Tour Testimonials

Past Seriously Smart Success Tour Testimonials

“Appreciated the info & honesty, very professional”

“I can sit for hours and keep engaged with all Fernando says”

“Great ethical organization - trust SST!”

“Very great, awesome, amazing”

“The guys are very helpful and awesome!”

“Wonderful, knowledgeable, easy going & ethical”

“Join the group, attend the workshops, and develop a working relationship with Ron & Fernando”

“Appreciate the effort that went into the two days”

“Ron & Fernando make learning FUN!”

“Very professional and honest”

“These guys ROCK and are some of the hardest working guys I know”

“Very reasonably priced and SO HELPFUL!”

“SO grateful for ALL you DO - I am better than I believe I am because of you - Thank you!”

“Can’t believe the positive energy & amount of knowledge we get coming to these events”

“They listen and answer all questions professionally”

“Very thorough training”

“The industry needs these guys to keep doing what they are doing!”

“So grateful for their integrity & dedication to the practitioners”

“Very helpful and genuine.  Love their commitment to their members”

“Continue to push people to improve themselves”

“An index would be helpful to follow along with all the content”

“All practitioners should attend these events!”

“Best training Event ever!”

“This was life changing!”

“Reminds us to never stop learning”

“Dedicated group focus, great content, would have liked more interactive training”

“They are the best teachers, enjoyed every minute”

“Two of the most awesome guys!”

“Thank you so much for your support it was an amazing time”

“I continue to learn more and more at every training”

“Great job!  Thanks so much for all your hard work”

“Come to the Tours - Love the Company - Love the Support!”

“Bringing Honor back to the industry”

“A good company to get involved with”

“They gave me the confidence that the industry will go on”


“Best organization to follow”

“All the extra tips!! So helpful! So much info all making so much sense”

“Cutting edge! Love the easy to use web site & YouTube.”

“We all shared so much and that really helped to make this a great learning experience!”

“Ron is FANTASTIC and an extremely valuable asset to all of us!”

“A wealth of knowledge; Thank you for sharing!”

“Keep going, you guys are FANTASTIC!”

“Get connected with SST and stay connected.”

"SST taught me that Biofeedback Possibilities are vast.”

“It’s a lot of information, but the pace is manageable & the support info is thorough and logical.”

“Reliable, Dependable, Knowledgeable.”

“ I need to attend more seminars. I LOVE THEM! Always learn something!!”

“Everyone should att



You guys rock!

Mandelay (Software) working great on my Asus. Love it! Thanks Ron...you guys Rock!


    Thank you!

    Thanks for coming to TEXAS..Even if it wasn’t to Houston. Love y’all always!


      Above and Beyond!

      Thank you so much for all your help with the software and my computer. I really appreciate it! You went above and beyond to help me. I look forward to being able to use the Mandelay software. You guys are the best!!


        Learned a lot!

        Thank you! I had a great time and learned a lot. I appreciate your help upgrading my software.


          Clasp64 Mandelay Software Is Much Faster

          Just have to say again that I'm really enjoying how much faster these programs run in the new software!


            LOVE The New Clasp64 Mandelay Software!

            I ran my first new session yesterday. OMG, Love love love this new software. It loads up so much faster. The short sarcode took less than 5 minutes to complete. I know you worked on a lot of computers but I was the one having issues with programs completing and then starting again on there own and not wanting to close. It was taking 10 to 15 minutes sometimes to complete the short sarcode because it was so slow. I'm really excited about this new software. Thank you for all you do!



              Even Though I have been disconnected for so many years from biofeedback training, I was still amazed and enlightened by the SST Event. Fernando did an excellent job teaching and answering questions! I highly recommend people attend these training events you will not be disappointed!


                Great Support and Community!

                Thanks for the great support at the Austin SST Tour. I thoroughly enjoyed this special event and connecting with the SST Biofeedback community. It was especially nice meeting Ibolya from Mandalay.


                  Best event EVER!

                  This years Event was the best one EVER! Thank you, thank you one and all!


                    Valuable Tools and Quality Support

                    The tour was very beneficial, I learned some very valuable tools that I will now make a part of my Biofeedback sessions. It’s a real comfort knowing that this quality of support is available to us as practitioners.


                      Awesome Training

                      Hi Ron, just wanted to let you know the training was awesome both of you and thank you so much for my computer it's working

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                        2019 Seriously Smart Success

                        2019 Seriously Smart Success

                        Bringing new insights in using the biofeedback software for:

                        • Stress and Autoimmune Disorders with Co-Infections
                        • Stress and Pain Management
                        • Stress and Skin Rejuvenation
                        • Stress and Animal Health

                        FREE Computer Maintenance, Device and Harness testing!

                        FREE Registration to Emotions! The Architects of Dis-Ease a $99 value! Details below.

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