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How To Clean Your Computer, Device, Harness, and Accessories.09/18/2018

In this video, Fernando answers the very common question we get asked at SST, "What should I use to clean my biofeedback system?"

Mandelay 2018 Conference in Las Vegas...More Details!08/31/2018

In this quick video Fernando give more details about the upcoming Quantum Biofeedback World Conference being held in both Las Vegas and Budapest! 

Tech Tip: Where do I plug in my biofeedback accessories?08/29/2018

In this helpful video, Fernando answers this very common question about accessories for the biofeedback device.

EMR Defenders Neutralize radiation from cell phones, smart meters, wi-fi, etc.08/21/2018

We live in an exciting time of technology. I remember being a kid in the 70's and we had a color TV in the living room and a black and white TV in the den. We also had a rotary phone in the kitchen. TV was so low tech that if the picture wasn't coming in clear you could hit it and most of the time the picture got better. If not you went to the higher, low tech solution of adding aluminum foil to the rabbit ears and that worked...until the next time the picture needed help.

Now we live in a high tech world of devices for necessity and convenience. Along with that came EMF/EMR. What are they? Electromagnetic Field/Electromagnetic Radiation. Basically, we are surrounded by an Electromagnetic Smog which effects each of us from head to toe and puts us in an Electromagnetic Fog.

We are so happy to offer our SST Members products that can help minimize the effects of EMR like the EMR Defender and the EMR Defender Sticker. What's the difference? The EMR Defender is better for being on top of things and the EMR Defender Sticker is good to go on the back of cell phones that have a protective case over them. Either way they both last 1 year before needing to be replaced.

We are approached by so many people that feel that their EMR products are the best so we test them using different tools and meters and we feel that our Made in USA products to be the most effective out there. That is why I use them and so does my family.

So if you have any of these products of necessity and convenience in your life it would be a seriously smart investment in your wellness to have our EMR Defender products.

Stress and Allersodes 2018 Biofeedback Webinar08/17/2018

In the last 6 years, Fernando has taught 37 webinars and events including 5 Seriously Smart Success Tours and tons of SST Hangouts.

We also have 5 more webinars planned for 2018 along with the two Mandelay Conferences where Fernando will be teaching too.

The one webinar that Fernando has always wanted to go back and do over is the Stress and Allersodes webinar from 2016. Due to issues in the current version of that time the webinar was not at the level, he is used to teaching at. So on August 23rd, 2018 Fernando will bring you an up-to-date webinar showing you all the panels to reduce the stress caused by allersodes. He taught this process on the Seriously Smart Success 2018 tour and we want to make it available to the rest of our members. This will be a two-hour webinar with 2 CEU’s. We hope you can buy out the time to join the Stress and Allersodes 2018 Biofeedback Webinar live or you can watch the recording.

For those Members that noticed a differently-named webinar on the event calendar or on an SST Hangout, we are having to postpone that topic until there can be a necessary update in the Claps64 program.

Tech Tip: How To Properly Use 1 Click Therapies In Clasp6408/16/2018

In this quick video, Fernando takes you through the easy steps to use the Clasp64 1 Click Therapies panel.

Tech Tip: Clasp64 5/5/18 Software Preview08/10/2018

Watch this video for a full preview of the new Clasp64 5/5/18 biofeedback software for SCIO, Eductor, and QUEST9. Members can log in to the Member Portal to watch this video with Fernando's commentary included.

Quantum Biofeedback World Conference In Las Vegas & Budapest08/09/2018

In this quick video, Fernando discusses the upcoming Quantum Biofeedback World Conference that is being held in both Las Vegas, NV and Budapest, Hungary! SST will be there! We hope to see you too!

Emotions! The Architects Of Dis-ease08/09/2018

In this quick video, Fernando discusses the upcoming webinar, Emotions! The Architects Of Dis-Ease, which is an advanced topic webinar that will teach you the very basic steps in working with stubborn, hard-to-fix conditions.

Tech Tip: Biofeedback Device Comparison 201807/26/2018

In this video, Ron takes you into an in-depth view of testing various devices, going over specifications, and details about the new QUEST9 Biofeedback Device.

Webinar Training: Effective Use Of The Caress Kit And Potentiser07/18/2018

The Caress Kit and the Potentiser Kit are important tools in a practitioner’s business yet we still meet practitioners at our training events that say they received or purchased one of them years ago and it is still in the box. They just don’t know how to use it! In the Effective Use of the Caress Kit and Potentiser Kit webinar, we will go over which panels to use and how for these accessories. Plus other tips and tricks that we can pass along.
For those of you that have the Caress Kit or Potentiser Kit, it would be Seriously Smart to join us on the Effective Use Of The Caress Kit And Potentiser webinar. This will also be a great webinar if you are interested in adding one of these amazing tools to your business.

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