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Surge Suppressors03/20/2018

In this video Ron demonstrates the several surge protectors/suppressors and power strips. He tells you what to look for when shopping for a quality surge protector and how to know when it's time to get a new one.

Free Pre-Event Refresher Course 2018 - 3/14/18

We have very exciting news…

In preparation for the 2018 Seriously Smart Success Tour on Thursday, March 22nd we will be having another FREE Refresher 2 hour training event for all SST PMA Members. We find that so many practitioners are overwhelmed by their biofeedback systems and don’t like to charge for their sessions or they don’t charge enough. Fernando will go over the changes that he has made to the Seriously Smart Startup and why. Plus, he will go over the most common things that he is asked to repeat from the Startup along with any questions you put into the chat box during the webinar. 

Fernando loves making custom zaps for the Disease Dictionary panel so he will be sharing a few of his favorite ones. He will take you through how he makes them and how to add them yourself so you can use them that same day. Plus, he will share how he is using the "turbo-charge" feature in the meridian panel.

The details for the Refresher 2 hour webinar are:

  • Free to all SST Members, if you are not a member yet click the link here to become a member. It's easy and inexpensive. Just a one-time $10 membership fee. You will NOT be charged an annual fee.
  • No CEU's for this free Refresher Webinar.
  • Live online event. Only 2018 Seriously Smart Success Tour attendees will be given access to the recording.
  • For those of you that haven't watched the Seriously Smart Startup training webinar, or for those of you that haven't watch it in a while, then we suggest you do that in advance of the event.
  • March 22nd from 2 pm to 4 pm (Eastern Time)
  • The refresher course will include special offers that will be only available to the live attendees. So make sure you are there and be on time.
  • Disclaimer: this webinar is only intended to be 2 hours long but it may go over depending on the number of questions in the chat box.

The SmartKlean Laundry Ball03/13/2018

The SmartKlean Laundry Ball from SST is seriously smart. No chemicals, detergents, or residues! Just clean, soft laundry. Fernando shares a few reasons why he and his family love it so much and have been using it for over 6 years!

Clasp64 Software - Client Data Backup and Restore03/10/2018

In this important video, Ron shows you the simple steps to backup and restore your client data in the Clasp64 Software.

Using EMR Defenders To Neutralize Radiation 03/06/2018

We live in an exciting time of technology. I remember being a kid in the 70's and we had a color tv in the living room and a black and white tv in the den. We also had a rotary phone in the kitchen. TV was so low tech that if the picture wasn't coming in clear you could hit it and most of the time the picture got better. If not you went to the higher, low tech solution of adding aluminum foil to the rabbit ears and that worked...until the next time the picture needed help.

Now we live in a high tech world of devices for necessity and convenience. Along with that came EMF/EMR. What are they? Electromagnetic Field/Electromagnetic Radiation. Basically, we are surrounded by an Electromagnetic Smog which affects each of us from head to toe and puts us in an Electromagnetic Fog.

We are so happy to offer our SST Members products that can help minimize the effects of EMR like the EMR Defender and the EMR Defender Sticker. What's the difference? The EMR Defender is better for being on top of things and the EMR Defender Sticker is good to go on the back of cell phones that have a protective case over them. Either way they both last 1 year before needing to be replaced.

We are approached by so many people that feel that their EMR products are the best so we test them using different tools and meters and we feel that our Made in USA products to be the most effective out there. That is why I use them and so does my family.

So if you have any of these products of necessity and convenience in your life it would be a seriously smart investment in your wellness to have our EMR Defender products.

Silver Lining Face Veil02/27/2018

The Silver Lining Face Veil is our number one “Must-Have” accessory for any biofeedback practitioner! In this quick video, Fernando shares his favorite accessory and gives some tips on how to use it.

Seriously Smart Success 2018 Hartford CT Event Venue!  - 02/22/2018

We have selected the venue for the Seriously Smart Success 2018 Event in Hartford, CT - April 10, 11. Here are all the details.

Hotel Name: Holiday Inn Hartford Downtown Area
Hotel Address: 100 East River Drive, East Hartford, CT 06108 USA
Hotel Phone: 860-528-9703
Hotel Website:
Booking Phone: 860-528-9703
Group Rate: $99
Group Name/Code: SST
Group Rate Expiry Date: March 11, 2018
Parking Fee: Free
Shuttle Service Info: No airport shuttle. Shuttle to downtown available.
Distance From Airport: 12 miles from Bradley International Airport (BDL)
Other Amenities: Quick Shuttle to Downtown Hartford, Free Parking, Free Wi-Fi, on-site laundry, on-site fitness center and indoor heated pool. Large, spacious rooms and meeting facilities along with lounge and restaurant are available.

Ron and Fernando are really looking forward to seeing you all. Fernando has been hard at work on the content and he's really excited about it and so is Ron and the rest of the team. This is going to be a great event! They can't wait to see you there!

Effective Use of Harness and Accessories Biofeedback Training Webinar02/14/2018

Sometimes when I hear the phrase, “I make it like grandma made it” I hear a celebration of mediocrity. Why would you want to continue doing something the same way for decades/generations? Basically, you are saying the recipe is perfect and nothing will ever improve it. Some of those recipes are good but plain while I find modern food to be exciting. In the same way that I am glad modern cars are more reliable and more powerful that vintage cars. And I am glad that modern computers are more reliable and more powerful than old ones.

It’s the same thing with using our biofeedback software. Why would you want to use it the same way they did 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 25 years ago? It just doesn’t make sense to do that. Our biofeedback software has evolved so much over the last 10 years to be more reliable and more powerful. To take advantage of that we can utilize our many harness options and dozens of accessories to be more reliable and more powerful practitioners. Are you using your biofeedback system and device to its full potential?

Join us for the 2018 Harness and Accessories Biofeedback training webinar as we go through the software panels to take advantage of the harness and accessories you already have and learn about new ones to make your sessions more reliable and more powerful.

Ron Wastes Time...02/10/2018

If you'd like to make smart use of your time, join us at the 2018 Seriously Smart Success Event: CLICK HERE 

Remember, Early Bird pricing ends on February 15th!

Computer Training: Backup & Restore02/06/2018

The subject this month isn’t really that exciting…..mostly because backing up your computer is a little time consuming and let's face it…it's work!

But the important thing I must say about it is that it’s a computer essential that most people fail to do, and don’t realize the importance of it until its too late.

I treat the Backup and Restore subject just like I do my insurance policies for my health, car, and home. Many Years ago, I got a low-cost insurance policy on my car to save money, I got into a serious car accident where 2 of us in the car were injured, and I totaled my car. I learned a valuable lesson. I realized the importance of putting my insurance as a priority. I now research everything about my insurance policies and set appropriate values so financially, I never end up in a position as bad as it was after that accident. I’ve had another accident since then, and my business was broken into once, and my home was damaged by a severe weather incident….in all those cases, I had appropriate coverage and I’m very happy to say that everything turned out in my favor in the end.

In a similar way, backing up your computer system, or just the important files off your computer can be likened to a good insurance policy. Just one failed hard drive, spill on your keyboard, or one virus or ransomware attack, and 5-10 or 15 years’ worth of work could disappear in an instant. So, can you see the importance, the value of backing up your system or your files?

In this episode of Ron’s Rules Computer Training Series: Backup & Restore, we will discuss these important topics.

The importance of backing up your complete computer system, as well as the important files that are on your computer. There are several different theories to these 2 kinds of backups, and there are many different programs you can use to do these 2 functions. Some are free, and some come with a fee, and there are advantages and disadvantages with both.

We will discuss the Windows Backup and Restore utility that is on all Windows Operating systems since Windows 7. We will briefly discuss how many mainstream computer companies also install a second backup system on their computers, there are several third-party backup software's that might be another good option, and then there are several good cloud backups for both system backups and file backups. We will discuss testing your backups, and using restore features.

It’s going to be a busy training, one you will not want to miss! Please join us for this vital episode of Ron’s Rules Computer Training Series.

Tech Tip: Com Port & Interface Type Settings02/01/2018

In this quick video, we take you through the simple steps to properly set your COM Port and your Interface Type in your EPR Biofeedback System.

Having this set properly enables your biofeedback device to communicate with your computer. If you are having device issues it's a great idea to check these settings as one of your first troubleshooting steps.

How do you know if your device is being recognized? When you first open your software, you will see a panel showing your serial number and software version at 25% on the progress bar. If you do NOT see this, then your device is NOT recognized.

Before setting up the COM Port, please make sure the driver of the device is properly installed and you have your device plugged in and turned on.

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