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Stress and Anxiety Disorders Webinar 11/14/2018

For those of you that couldn’t join us on the Seriously Smart Success 2018 Tour, the subject I spent the most time on was using our software for the support of those with anxiety disorders. I was surprised to find how many different types of anxiety there were but I was also pleasantly surprised at all the panels in our software that could touch on it too.

So please join us in November for the Stress and Anxiety Disorders biofeedback training webinar. I will take you through every panel that can reduce the effects of anxiety. The webinar will also include some new zaps for the Disease Dictionary panel and the Auto Meridian panel turbo-charge list. Just as a reminder I did teach this content on the 2018 Tour but we wanted to make it available to those of you that couldn’t attend a live event.

As one statistic pointed out that 1 in 5 US adults may have had an anxiety disorder in the past year so isn’t it wonderful that the Mayo Clinic has stated that biofeedback has proven successful in helping people with anxiety disorders. So when is the webinar? It will be on November 29th from 2 to 4 pm EST. I will do my best to keep it to the 2 hours scheduled. I sure hope you can join us either live or on the recording for the Stress and Anxiety Disorder biofeedback training webinar.

The Benefits Of Using The Pip10/24/2018

This short video discusses the benefits of using The Pip to retrain how you react to stress!

Biofeedback Certification, How And Why To Be Certified!10/18/2018

In this detailed video, Nirvana Zarabi-Smith discusses the different types of certification, how to become certified, what it means to you legally, and how to choose the right level of training for your current and future goals. If you are not yet certified, you will definitely want to watch this video. It will be well worth your time!

Why is she qualified to give you advice on biofeedback certification? Nirvana's path to practicing alternative medicine began with her education in a Sufi meditation school, through which a world-renowned Sufi Master has guided her since birth. The Sufi way developed her intense interest in natural medicines and has led her to help others in their search for various forms of alternative healthcare. She is currently the Director of Education for The Quantum Academies. Nirvana has developed an extensive library of educational materials for students and trainers, which have become the official training tools of Quantum Education. Nirvana holds a Doctorate of Natural Medicine, a degree in Homeopathy, a certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and certificates through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences, where she is also a board member.  

Quantum Clarity Programs: Clarity, Piggyback, and Category10/10/2018

In this detailed video, Fernando discusses the features and benefits of owning these amazing Quantum Clarity software programs and how the Clarity Report, Piggyback Generator, and Category Report can make a difference in your biofeedback practice.

Surge Protectors10/04/2018

In this video, Ron demonstrates several surge protectors/suppressors and power strips. He tells you what to look for when shopping for a quality surge protector and how to know when it's time to get a new one.

How To Clean Your Computer, Device, Harness, and Accessories.09/18/2018

In this video, Fernando answers the very common question we get asked at SST, "What should I use to clean my biofeedback system?"

Tech Tip: Where do I plug in my biofeedback accessories?08/29/2018

In this helpful video, Fernando answers this very common question about accessories for the biofeedback device.

EMR Defenders Neutralize radiation from cell phones, smart meters, wi-fi, etc.08/21/2018

We live in an exciting time of technology. I remember being a kid in the 70's and we had a color TV in the living room and a black and white TV in the den. We also had a rotary phone in the kitchen. TV was so low tech that if the picture wasn't coming in clear you could hit it and most of the time the picture got better. If not you went to the higher, low tech solution of adding aluminum foil to the rabbit ears and that worked...until the next time the picture needed help.

Now we live in a high tech world of devices for necessity and convenience. Along with that came EMF/EMR. What are they? Electromagnetic Field/Electromagnetic Radiation. Basically, we are surrounded by an Electromagnetic Smog which effects each of us from head to toe and puts us in an Electromagnetic Fog.

We are so happy to offer our SST Members products that can help minimize the effects of EMR like the EMR Defender and the EMR Defender Sticker. What's the difference? The EMR Defender is better for being on top of things and the EMR Defender Sticker is good to go on the back of cell phones that have a protective case over them. Either way they both last 1 year before needing to be replaced.

We are approached by so many people that feel that their EMR products are the best so we test them using different tools and meters and we feel that our Made in USA products to be the most effective out there. That is why I use them and so does my family.

So if you have any of these products of necessity and convenience in your life it would be a seriously smart investment in your wellness to have our EMR Defender products.

Tech Tip: How To Properly Use 1 Click Therapies In Clasp6408/16/2018

In this quick video, Fernando takes you through the easy steps to use the Clasp64 1 Click Therapies panel.

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