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Webinar Training: Effective Use Of The Caress Kit And Potentiser07/18/2018

The Caress Kit and the Potentiser Kit are important tools in a practitioner’s business yet we still meet practitioners at our training events that say they received or purchased one of them years ago and it is still in the box. They just don’t know how to use it! In the Effective Use of the Caress Kit and Potentiser Kit webinar, we will go over which panels to use and how for these accessories. Plus other tips and tricks that we can pass along.
For those of you that have the Caress Kit or Potentiser Kit, it would be Seriously Smart to join us on the Effective Use Of The Caress Kit And Potentiser webinar. This will also be a great webinar if you are interested in adding one of these amazing tools to your business.

Tech Tip: QUEST9 Frequently Asked Questions...Answered!07/05/2018

In this video, Ron goes over all the questions we've gotten from you about QUEST9. The full video is a comprehensive guide to QUEST9. If you don't have time to watch the full video right now, and you just want the answer to one or two specific questions, check out the FAQ list: click here. The SST Staff and Family's had fun making this video for you. Enjoy!

Tech Tip: What antivirus software should you use with your biofeedback software?06/20/2018

In this quick video, Ron and Fernando discuss antivirus software. This discussion helps you understand antivirus software, how it can affect your biofeedback software, and why we choose and only recommend the SST Managed Antivirus software.

Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Spa - Professional Model - 06/18/2018

Regardless of where we live, our environment is more polluted than at any time in history. The accumulation of these toxins in our body contributes to our overall decline in health. A detoxification program may reduce the incidence of chronic degenerative disease and improve our overall quality of life. The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Foot Spa is an invaluable tool for successful detoxification.

Effective Use Of The NRG Bio-Imprinter System06/14/2018

The NRG Bio-Imprinter System is an important part of our business here at SST and for those of you that have one then it can be for you too.

We still meet practitioners at our training events that say they received an NRG Bio-Imprinter years ago and it is still in the box. They didn’t know how to use it so we would point them to our training webinar from 5 years ago. Then I was recently looking at the content from our last NRG webinar and realized that, wow, an update was required!

In the Effective Use of the NRG Bio-Imprinter webinar, we will go over which plate does what, the preset buttons, the 2 dials, the other buttons, the handhelds and how the aerial unit brings your biofeedback session in. Plus other tips and tricks we've learned after using the system for the last 6 years.

For those of you that have the NRG Bio-Imprinter, it would be Seriously Smart to join us on the Effective Use Of The NRG Bio-Imprinter System webinar. This will also be a great webinar for anyone interested in adding the amazing NRG Bio-Imprinter device to their business.

Quantum Energy Bracelets06/09/2018

In this quick video, Fernando shows you the Quantum Bracelet and goes over some great tips for getting the most out of your bracelet! The Quantum Energy Bracelet is designed to work with your body’s natural energy field.  It is a favorite among elite athletes for balance, strength, and flexibility. The underside of the bracelet is embedded with 4 unique energy beads: negative ion, far infrared ray, germanium, and neodymium magnet.

Ron's Business Building Tips - Free Webinar05/30/2018

Join us and learn how to build and promote your biofeedback practice compliantly in this important and informative FREE webinar - Ron's Business Building Tips.

Over the past 33 years, Ron has been in the business world wearing many hats in many different fields. In this webinar, he will share with you tips and tricks learned over the years on how to gain customers and create relationships and be able to step outside the box when you need to be creative. 

Discover what works and what doesn't work in marketing. Learn how to be compliant in your biofeedback practice and your marketing and advertising. 

Quantum Computer 2018 Models Are Here! 05/24/18

In this short video Ron goes over some of the highlights in the new Quantum Computer models for 2018!

Seriously Smart Demo - Free Webinar05/23/2018

Ron and Fernando were so happy to develop and share the Seriously Smart Demo with practitioners on our 2018 Tour. Basically, they had 9 dress rehearsals while on tour as they fine-tuned it and now they are happy to share the final version of the Seriously Smart Demo from the Tour. We have been asked so many times over the years to share a way of doing a session demo in an easy and uncomplicated way and now we have done just that!

We have found that most practitioners do the same thing that we used to do when asked to do a demo session and that is basically doing a free regular session. We also found that many practitioners get carried away with giving too much information and can fall into the trap of over-selling what our sessions can do. We hope you enjoy using the Seriously Smart Demo as it an easy, fast and uncomplicated way of doing a demo session.

Testimonials From Event Attendees At Seriously Smart Success 20184/19/2018

Our event attendees give you live and unrehearsed feedback about our biofeedback training events. Join us and energize your biofeedback practice. There is still time to register for Seriously Smart Success 2018!

How To Travel Smart With Your Biofeedback System4/12/2018

In this video, Fernando goes over some of the typical questions we get asked about traveling with your biofeedback system. This video will be particularly helpful to all of you traveling to attend the Seriously Smart Success 2018 events.

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