Thank you for your interest in the SST Sales Lead Referral System. We appreciate the trust you are placing in us to refer your contacts to us to purchase a stress management system. You can rest assured we will treat them with the respect and honesty you have come to expect from SST. 
It is important that you fill out the referral form BEFORE your sales lead contacts us.
The referral fee is as follows:
Stress management device complete system new or used: $250
  • Forms filled out after the sales lead has contacted SST will not be honored.
  • Submitting this form also gives SST permission to contact this referral immediately, instead of waiting for them to contact us. 
  • If this sales lead (or family member or business partner)  has already contacted SST or purchased from SST or any of our distributors, or if this person has already been referred to SST by another person within the past 12 months, a referral fee is not payable for this person. 
  • Referral fees will be paid after the purchased item has shipped. 
  • The referral fee does not apply to those trading in a device for a new device.