Seriously Smart Reseller Program

Product Line Up:
Quantum Energy Bracelet  
Zero Point Energy Nano Wand 
EMR Defending Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant  
EMR Defender 8 Pack
Clear Electric Spray
BioEnergy Patches - 10 pack  
EMR Cell Defender and Power Enhancer Sticker 
NRG Cards - Individual 
Quantum Flask 
Quantum Flask Replacement Filter 
Gravity Balance 
SmartKlean Laundry Bal 
SmartKlean Stain Stick 
Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Spa - Pro Energy Package 
Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Spa - Mobile Energy Package 
Lectro Chi Replacement Water Module 
Pet Zone Flea and Tick 
Pet Zone Calm
Zevana Essential Oils

Program Benefits:
• An additional way to support your clients' health.
• Unique and revolutionary solutions to today’s challenges.
• Special discounted pricing.
• The flexibility and freedom to carry only those products you want to.
• High-quality products, internally tested and recommended by the SST staff.
• An additional means of avenue for profit for your business.
• Manufacturer basic product information.
• A second level of product support for customer issues or questions.