Seriously Smart Reseller Program

Product Line Up:
Quantum Energy Bracelet  
Zero Point Energy Nano Wand 
EMR Defending Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant  
EMR Defender 8 Pack
Clear Electric Spray
BioEnergy Patches - 10 pack  
EMR Cell Defender and Power Enhancer Sticker 
NRG Cards - Individual 
Quantum Flask 
Quantum Flask Replacment Filter 
Gravity Balance 
UVC Pocket 
UVC Caddy 
UVC Single Toothbrush 
SmartKlean Laundry Bal 
SmartKlean Stain Stick 
Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Spa - Pro Energy Package 
Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Spa - Mobile Energy Package 
Lectro Chi Replacement Water Module 
Breo iDream1260 Head Massager 
Breo iSee4 Eye Massager 
Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager 
Breo mini319 Massager Set 
Pet Zone Flea and Tick 
Pet Zone Calm
The Pip
GreenAir Essential Oil Diffusers
Zevana Essential Oils

Program Benefits:
• An additional way to support your clients health.
• Unique and revolutionary solutions to today’s challenges.
• Special discounted pricing.
• The flexibility and freedom to carry only those products you want to.
• High quality products, internally tested and recommended by the SST staff.
• An additional means of avenue for profit for your business.
• Manufacturer basic product information.
• A second level of product support for customer issues or questions.